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Hinged Fuse Block

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Fuse block with hinge disconnect
For fuse size " x 1"
Mounts to standard Din 35mm Rail

Fuse blown indicator   LED Neon
Part No. 30935 30935/24 30935/250
  Without indication With indicator for fuse 24V With indicator for fuse 250V
Voltage Rating 300V 10-57 VAC/DC 100-300 VAC/DC


Approvals UL, CSA, CE
Fuse Size (not supplied) " x 1"
Fuse Type AGC Style
Wire Range 22-12 AWG
Maximum Current 12 Amps
Wire Stripping Length 0.38" (9.7mm)
Screw Tightening Torque 3-7lb.-in.(0.3-0.8 Nm)


Mounting Rail

Zinc Galvanized Solid - 2 meters 3401
Zinc Galvanized Slotted - 2 meters 3401/S
Aluminum 80291
End Stoppers  
Plastic-clear 3418
Nickel-plated Brass 30370


End Barrier 30945
Marking Cards 35455/6x12 series