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Stripping Tools

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Pistol Grip Wire Strippers

   Part No. WST5 

Automatically adjusts to wire diameter
For stripping stranded and solid wire 0.2mm to 6 (24-10AWG)
Includes an adjustable length stop of 5-12mm
Built in wire cutter

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Combination wire stripper and cutter
Part No. WST3150

For cutting and stripping stranded and solid wire 0.2mm to 6 (20-10AWG)


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Combination wire cutter, stripper and ferrule crimper
Part No. WST3300


For stripping wire sizes 20-10AWG
Two crimping ranges offered:


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Swivel-Blade Cable strippers

Part No.WST4-28G (with a straight knife blade)
Part No.WST4-28H(knife blade with hook)

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Combination coax cable cutter and stripper
Part No. WST3


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