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June 1999

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Grounding Kits

Woertz now offers an isolated grounding kit great for factory and field wiring. This kit consists of 5 bus bar grounding terminals that mount onto a bus bar made of tin-plated copper. The kit measures about 333mm (about 13.5 inches) in length. Bus bar holders, made of plastic, isolates the grounding kit from the rest of the panel.

Part No. WG-Kit2000

Technical Data:

Terminals: (green and yellow)
18- 2 AWG
Bracket and screws are galvanized steel
Pressure plat is stainless steel
Terminals can be clearly identified with labels
Bus Bar:
Made of tin plated electrolyte copper
Dimensions: 18x3x333 mm

PLC wire Interface modules

Woertz offers wiring systems for PLC’s that reduces installation time! The design incorporates an interface module and a cable with DIN 41651 connectors on both ends. The interface modules are available in 20 or 40 terminal configurations, which are suitable for 16 and 32 point programmable controller I/O modules.


Part No. OEM $

45112A 20 pin Interface $50

45240/20 1 meter cable $29

45116A 40 pin interface $74

45240/40 1 meter Cable $39

Modular Bases for I/O Devices

Part# K5167

An example is the K5167 is a single pole modular base for I/O units (Type Opto 22, Gordos, Electromatic, etc.) as shown. OEM cost for this module is about $32.00. A 2-pole version K5168 is also available.

Common Features of all units:

Module mounts to Din 35mm rail
Fused output
Operating LED
Termination points clearly identified

Woertz Sales Representatives:

Northern Texas, Sun Belt,
No. Ill., Schmitz Electrical Sales,
Indiana, JLC, 317-726-0032
Maryland, Haake Assoc.,
Wisconsin, ‘Lechtrichem,
California, C&C Assoc.,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Syntech,, 504-469-9142
Eastern PA, Fitzgerald/Spector,
Minnesota, Abtech, 612-537-3384
Central and Southern Ohio, Excel Controls, 513-829-5077
Northern Ohio, Dorsey-Alexander,
Tenn., Chase Industrial Electronics, 615-287-0300
New England, Commonwealth Sales, 508-586-8874
Missouri, Darcom, 618-624-2086
Upstate NY, K&A Industries,
SC, NC, VA, IS/M, 919-846-6272
Florida, The Mallory Co.,