Relay Terminal Blocks

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Width:   5.08mm
Height:  44mm
Length: 86.5mm




bulletUL/CE Approval
bulletHermetically Sealed Relays
bulletCorrosion Resistant: Nickel platted clamping units and stainless steel screws
bulletFinger Safe Design
bulletProtection from inductive kickback/reverse polarity
bulletLED indicates activated input

Typical Use:

bulletIsolation between circuits with different potentials
bulletProtection of expensive PLC's, output cards, etc.
bulletSwitching of low, medium, and high power loads


Compact Relay Terminal Blocks

Snap - Line Series

  Type A contact Type C contact

Reed Relay

Power Relay

Input Voltage DC Part Number Input coil Voltage Approx. Control Current at rated voltage Part Number Input coil Voltage Approx. Control Current at rated voltage
5 VDC 45313T/7 5VDC +-15% 17mA 45314T/7 5VDC +-20% 40mA
12 VDC 45313T/1 12VDC +-20% 17mA 45314T/1 12VDC +-20% 20 mA
24 VDC 45313T/2 24VDC +-20% 17mA 45314T/2 24VDC +-20% 8.0 mA
48 VDC 45313T/3 48VDC +-20% 17mA 45314T/3 48VDC +-20% 4.5 mA
110 VDC       45314T/9 110VDC +-10% 4.5 mA

Input Voltages AC/DC

24 VAC/DC 45313T/12 24VAC/DC +-15% 16mA 45329T/12 24VAC/DC +20%-20% 10mA
48 VAC/DC       45329T/13 48VAC/DC +20%-20% 5mA
115 VAC/DC       45329T/15 115VAC/DC +10%-10% 5mA
230 VAC/DC       45329T/14 230VAC/DC +10%-10% 5mA
Operating Temp (-40 degrees C to +45 degrees C)     (-40 degrees C to +45 degrees C)    
Max. Switching Voltage/output   125VAC/200VDC (max.10W)     250VAC  
Max. Switching Current   0.5 Amps; max. 10W; (10^8 switch life)     6 Amps (5x10^6 switch Life)  
Max. Contact Resistance   200m     100m at 1A
Isolation Voltage   1.5 kV     4.0kV  
Pickup,breaking,bouncing time         5/6/1 ms (DC-Versions)  
End Barrier:   30407T     30407T  
Marking Accessories (see pg.1.84 in Woertz Catalog) RB5X5 (80011 series) RB5X5 (80011 Series)
Jumpers: 2,3,4,5,10 -pole:   30409/2../3../4../5../10     30409/2../3../4../5../10  
Insulating Cover, 4x20 pole:  

            30412 (blue);            30411 (red)

    30412 (blue);            30411 (red)  
Jumper Rack 20 pole Red and Blue: 30413RO and 30413BL     30413RO and 30413BL  

Last Updated on 6/30/99
By Debbie Vassallo