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Woertz USA is an authorized master distributor of PB Baumann tools.   PB Baumann is an ISO 9001 manufacturer located in Switzerland.  Tools include screwdrivers, ratchets and wrench sets.  A complete catalog can be reviewed at http://www.pbtools.ch.

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Screwdrivers -Catalog page
Handles are manufactured from only one material, which is cadmium-free and recyclable.   The grooved form of the handle is optimally shaped for the hand to ensure comfort and high transmission of torque.  Blades are made from a special alloy that combines exceptional toughness with extreme hardness.  Blades are available in genuine gold-plating.  Flat head tips are parallel with chamfered corners are  to allow a high degree of torque without damaging the screw.  Several styles of screwdrivers insulated to 1000 V are available.
Screwdrivers can be customized with your company's name making an attractive, useful gift to your customers.
Hexagon wrenches are nickel- and chrome-plated to give a reliable protection against rusting.  The edges are lightly chamfered for easy insertion into the recess of the socket head screw.  The point is a precisely formed ball to facilitate turning of screws with the tool at an angle.

       PB Baumann also manufactures hammers, impact heads and chisels.