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Winter 2000


Good things come in small packages!

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Woertz’s Compact power relay terminals are saving customers time, space and money. At only 5.08 mm wide (< inch), the power relays have a maximum switching current of 6 Amps and a switch life of 5 million operations.

Relay blocks are a 1PDT and offered in a variety of input coil voltages:

Input Voltage Part Number OEM Price
5 VDC 45314T/7 $10.95
12 VDC 45314T/1 $9.75
24 VDC 45314T/2 $9.95
24VAC/DC 45239T/12 $11.95
115VAC/DC 45329T/15 $16.75

The Woertz relay terminal replaces the large "ice cube" style relays and bases that consume costly real estate in a panel.

Woertz’s relay terminals are corrosion resistant with nickel-plated clamping units and stainless steel screws. The terminals snap to a Din 35mm rail and are made to stack together. With the 20-pole jumper rack, commons can be linked together, reducing point-to-point wiring. Each relay terminal is provided with a green LED to indicate activated input and diode protection to prevent inductive kickback/reverse polarity. Terminals have UL/CE approvals. Please contact Woertz-USA to receive literature on our complete line of Compact Relays, Solid State and reed relays.


 Is Grounding in your control panel important to you?

Proper grounding is of most importance in a control system. Improper grounding can lead to an electrical short which will cause malfunctions and costly down time. Woertz’s collector ground blocks, Part No. 3433 and 3434, provides a central location for ground wires and is the most reliable system on the market today. These terminals attach quickly and securely to a standard DIN 35mm rail (Copper rail is also available). Terminals are made of solid brass and are corrosion resistant with stainless steel screws and springs.

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Now Available from Woertz-USA

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Din Rail Cutter

Part No. WLB-100 $695.00

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